Il Rifugio

The name - on 11th february 1900, S.A.T. (Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini - Society of mountaineer in Trentino) decides to dedicate the refuge, built in Val'Amola, to Giovanni Segantini, a famous painter born in Trentino (1858-1899), who died the previous year in a refuge in Switzerland where he went to terminate one of his works of art. With poetry he painted the life of people in mountain, lights, colors of nature, valleys, ponds and animals.



The building - the refuge was inaugurated on 26th august 1901, during a big opening ceremony, despite adverse weather conditions. On 4th september 1977 a new and modern refuge was built near the old squared one. During 1991 and 1992 both refuges have been restored.

The curch - On 12th august 1962 monsignor Giuseppe Bonomini put down the first stone of the church, which is then built in 1971 by a group of Scout from Carisolo and the ANA association.

Presanella - Segantini refuge is strictly connected to this mountain peak, Presanella, one of the highest in Trentino.

Clemente Maffei Gueret - mountain guide and alpinist from Pinzolo, manager of the refuge during the forties. He climbed all mountains around the refuge, sometimes even alone. On 12th august 1991 he died prematurely while climbing Punta dell'Angelo.




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